APRIL 2022

Member Of The Moment

Jo Raynor Cook

Jo is an absolute star of a member, always infectiously enthusiastic, bringing the morale of the class up on every session she attends. Well done!

Member Of The Moment

Tom Le Blan

Always at the front of the pack and puts 100% into every set. Great team player, motivating and inspiring others. Well done!

Member Of The Moment

Kirill Kerlin

For his dedication in march. Getting stuck into trainings of all kinds, running or boxercise, Kirill is there taking on any challenge. Well done!

Member Of The Moment

Caroline Ellismere

Caroline through her hard work, and dedication to training has been awarded Member Of The Month. Well done Caroline!

Member Of The Moment

Honor Morris

We're so proud of how far Honor has come. Her hard work, dedication, and perseverance have been inspiring to all. Well done!

MARCH 2022