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Andy is a former British Army soldier who served over 7yrs as a Parachute Combat Engineer, taking him to many a far and distant places around the globe! He firmly believes that he joined as a boy and left a man, however, this journey was just beginning. Since this time he has become a father of two beautiful girls, thrived in the PT world, delivered bespoke Residential Fitness Retreats, taught in Higher Education and at Arsenal Youth Academy, delivered Diabetes Prevention Plsnd for ICS in conjunction with the NHS. 

Since 2000 he has successfully grown both a personal training business and himself as a trainer. This has adapted from a regimented drill sergeant to the well-rounded coach he is today, focused on delivering bespoke training to all types of clients with a very primal theme. Add this to his transformation coaching and he brings a very dynamic, nutritional element to Be Fearsome and its members.



We asked Andy a few questions;


1. What do you love most about being a trainer?

As with my time as a soldier, this was a calling. As such, it enables me to love getting to work each day, delivering bespoke sessions, and seeing clients not only transform to hit their specific goals, but to see them grow, understand and successfully adapt to be able to help friends! 

2. How do you keep your clients motivated?

Passion and enthusiasm for fitness are infectious. I feel that if I share my passion and enthusiasm then my clients will not only benefit but be inspired to help themselves and others around them.


3. Why work with Be Fearsome?

I've known and worked with Tom for a while, I feel his approach is of a similar nature to mine. The project, the idea, the team of incredible coaches who all bring different yet effective approaches to training, that Tom & Be Fearsome wants to create can only be described as groundbreaking, exciting and I totally want to be a part of it.



  • Functional Fitness

  • Weight Loss

  • Nutrition

  • Barefoot Running

  • Sports Massage

  • Group Exercise


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Sports & Swedish Massage

  • Barefoot Running Coach

  • TRX Coach,

  • Insanity and PiYo Instructor

  • Paul Chek level 1 Practitioner

  • Paleo Nutritionist 

  • First aid at work