Tamara comes from a background in art, design and being creative in general – she's always be fascinated by how we function on the inside, how nature and the cosmos has a huge effect on how we live.

She describes herself as 'un-sporty – but enthusiastic!' and feels that Yoga brings those two worlds together.

Tamara expresses she has never been very good at team sports, but with an interest in keeping fit and being healthy, she started “jogging” as a child with her dad. She loves the freedom of being outside and going at her own pace!

After discovering yoga in 2002, whilst living in San Francisco, Tamara was looking for a more subtle way to exercise after a running injury, something that would be low impact but also strengthen the body. Blown away by how amazing she felt after her first class, she signed up for a 6-week beginners’ yoga course and tried out as many different styles as possible and originally resonating with Hot Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa. Which, over time, evolved into a deep interest in the less physical and more philosophical side of yoga.

Fast forward a few years, which includes 2 kids, a move back to the UK, a stint at working at a yoga studio, she finally took the plunge and qualified as a Seasonal Yoga Teacher in 2012.

For Tamara, her journery within 'fitness' is more about an ongoing vocation to learn more about the body, the mind, energy and also about oneself. She see's her dharma (purpose) as being to teach or show people a different way of being, in a physical and mindful sense. 

We asked Tamara a few questions;


1. What do you love most about being a trainer?

“Sharing” - what I have learnt and my experiences and making a difference in people’s lives, whether that’s on a physical or mental/emotional level.

2. How do you keep your clients motivated?

By creating a community so that they are able to support each other.  I like to have a close relationship with all my clients and check in on them and how they are doing regularly. 

3. Why work with Be Fearsome?

Being referred as a trainer to work for Be Fearsome was such a huge achievement for me. I love the diversity of fitness they offer and the way they reach out to people from all backgrounds and on so many different levels – fitness, mental health, nutrition etc.  It really is the whole package.

4. What fitness qualifications do you have?


  • 500 hr advanced yoga training,

  • NLP, Mindfulness Diplomas.


Qualified to teach:

  • Seasonal yoga

  • Teen yoga

  • Yin

  • Hot yoga

  • Hatha & vinyasa

  • Meditation & pranayama


  • Foundation course in ART

  • BA Hons Degree in 3D design

  • And a stint on TV – finalist in 2014 “Great British Sewing Bee” BBC TV show!