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Tommy's known sport and fitness as a way of life from the very start with his father being a professional triathlete. He started karate aged 4 became a black belt at just 12 years old. He then followed in his father's footsteps in triathlon. 


Tommy's lived an international life moving to the UK from Japan aged 4 and then Newzealand and Australia aged 18 before settling at the University Of Leeds to study Business. He then went to Greece to teach English in a refugee camp. 


He joined the Japanese international triathlon team as an international athlete and raced for some time. He now still enjoys triathlon as a sport but also adds in weightlifting and callisthenics. His current goal is for a sub 2hr 30 marathon. 





1. What do you love most about being a trainer?


I love that I have the opportunity to really make a positive difference in other people's lives. Helping people achieve their lifelong goals is very fulfilling. I also really hate being stationary, and I could never do an office job.

2. How do you keep your clients motivated?


I like to set attainable long-term goals and work towards them with a well thought out and structured programme. To help achieve this I use personal training app and coaching platforms to keep track of their progress, activities, diet, and much more. Also, I keep the training fun, excited and varied. Enjoyment is the key ingredient for long term success.

3. Why work with Be Fearsome?


I love the passion in the team. I love the community it has built. And I love that there are loads of different opportunities in the organisation, I definitely won't be getting bored. 



  • Personal Training

  • Triathlon Coaching

  • Ironman Coaching

  • Functional Fitness

  • Callisthenics 



  • Level 3 Personal Training

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor

  • Ironman Coach (in progress)

  • First Aid certificate