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Liz, a BSc Sport Science graduate in 2003, began coaching hockey at age 13 and played at a regional level until she was 23. Her passion for the outdoors grew from activity holidays and extended through her teaching experiences in Switzerland, South Korea, and South Africa (2006-2018).

She holds certifications as a PT, massage therapist, CrossFit L2 trainer, national CF athlete in SA (2014-17), Yoga teacher (2019), mobility and rehab instructor, meditation teacher, and BGSA Survival Instructor (2020).

We asked Liz a few questions;

What do you love the most about being a trainer?

The chance to adapt knowedlge to fit individuals, and make their fitness abd health journey surprisingly fun, educational and empowering.

How do you keep your clients motivated?

By being full of knowledge myself, and learning from peers / reading; helping them be positive and not too hard on selevs, and meeting them where they are so they are always a 'success'.

Why work with Be Fearsome?

People, ethos, values, and excellent set up and chance to offer a variety of serviced with a great leader who recognises and empowers his team.

Tell us one random fact about your or claim to fame

I was on Brainteaser when I was 21, the day after my graduation and the day before my 21st :)

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