As well as his career in the Army, Reuben has had a passion for boxing since he was 14 years old.

He claims not to be a sporty kid and didn’t have much skill at football meaning he didn't see himself as an athlete till much later. Which he now praises as a great experience as a trainer because he works to ensure all clients feel and are treated as athletes.

At 14 he first went into a local boxing gym and was immediately hooked. Years later two months into his career as a soldier in The 1st Battalion Welsh Guards he fought at welterweight for his rifle company and secured the win and became the welterweight champion of the regiment. He went on to represent the Battalion in numerous fights through the years, with lots of great experiences and training with other units as well as Sparring with the army boxing Team in Aldershot. On leaving the regular army he represented Grove Park boxing club in charity fights in Mayfair. These days his fitness consists of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts, having won a silver medal in the all-star southern pro tournament in the No-gi event back in October 2021 and an MMA fight scheduled early in 2022.

After leaving the Army and attending university where he attained a 2.1 degree in Construction he joined the London Regiment (Army reserves) and completed the Army Physical Training Instructors course. This allowed him to get a job teaching bootcamps in 2017. For Reuben, this was the perfect job as it allowed him to use his passion for fitness as well as have flexible hours alongside his studies.

By the time he graduated in 2020 he had no interest in the construction industry, as he knew his heart lay with the fitness industry. Graduating allowed him to pursue this full time, still using the flexible hours to train himself for various events and boxing matches.

We asked Reuben a few questions;

1. What do you love most about being a trainer?

My favourite thing about being a trainer is showing clients new and effective ways to achieve their goals. I'm a great believer in “never being the finished product” and I spend hours each week outside continuing to learn, research and sharpen my knowledge around my trade as a fitness instructor.

2. How do you keep your clients motivated?

I train myself 6 days a week, and I draw from the tools I use on myself. I focus on what they want to achieve and keep reminding them it will be worth it.

In Group sessions I try to make it as team or partner based as possible, so that each member of the team feels a responsibility to work hard for each other.

3. Why work with Be Fearsome?

I was recommended to Be Fearsome by a friend over a year ago and this year I managed to get down to Hyde with Tom and see how well ran and professional the company is; I was immediately drawn to that.

After meeting the members on a group session and enjoying a coffee after with some of them I knew this was the place for me.


  • Group Exercise

  • Boxing

  • Martial Arts


  • ETL (endurance training Leader)

  • All arms physical training instructor(R)

  • Level 2 Fitness instructor