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Build A Strong, Lean, Energised Body That Works For You. With As Little As 3 Hours Per Week.

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Tom Frearson
Head Coach & Founder

Hey, Tom here, I’m on a mission to have a multi-generational impact starting with the Busy Professionals Of Today.

I've been coaching for many years and helped 1000's of people to achieve their goals through Be Fearsome. However, in the past 12 months, I've come to a realisation that by combining all the successes (and failures) we have seen WITH a group culture that breeds success for all that are part of it, we can help more people on a deeper level.

I could go on all day about whom we have helped, my background and my journey (there's a story there and if you'd like to know then hit the button below, hint - I'm NOT naturally lean or sporty!) but ultimately this is about one person - you! And you're different to me, you're different to every other client we've ever worked with. That's why all of our programmes are completely bespoke and tailored to you. That's why we are different at Be Fearsome.

If you follow the steps we give you and open yourself up to be coached and supported, you WILL be next and join the other Busy Professionals that have taken back the power to their health, energy and happiness. I have 100% certainty when I tell you that.


The reason our amazing clients get and keep results long term isn't the 'information' we give.


It's because we tackle the four pillars of wellness to build a plan that's both effective and sustainable around your busy life.


Each pillar is just as important as the next to make lasting change. This is where we differ from other programmes. This is where coaching comes in.

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Take Back The Power Of Your Body, Health & Energy In 8 Weeks


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Future Self

Week 0

Setting You Up For Succcess

Weeks 1-2


Cementing Your Foundations

Weeks 3-6


Building The Machine

Weeks 7-8


The Magic Of Compounding Results


Walk away with the result and all the tools to keep it for life.

Stacking For Longterm Success

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Build A Strong, Lean, Energised Body That Works For You. With As Little As 3 Hours Per Week.

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