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“I really found this approach so refreshing. It gives you the evidenced-based building blocks to eat better, get fitter, sleep better and generally understand the barriers and reasons why so many diets or fitness fads don’t last!


I followed the plan about 80-90% of the time and lost 3kgs [in 6 weeks], and now I'm exercising 4 times a week.


More importantly, I’m drinking more water, sleeping better and feel more positive! 


The sessions are friendly and broken down each week into different aspects of well-being so it’s not too overwhelming - great advice and tips and so positive about any changes you’ve made.


Would really recommend this approach.


I loved it - thanks Tom and team ” 



"I joined the challenge to get into good habits and keep on track during the lockdown.


Having daily reminders helped keep me focused. The weekly Zoom meetings were interesting and gave you the tools to use and think about lifestyle and habits differently and how to break these and make new ones, however big it small they were.


Knowing that Tom was available if you had any questions was a bonus. Access to lots of resources to support you is also available.


I even managed to lose eight pounds.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Be Fearsome to anyone looking for a transformation in their lifestyle and how to get kickstart getting new habits.


Thank you, Tom."

Janine from London who sent their testimonial


"It’s been fantastic and the perfect way to kick start the new year!


Very inspiring and have learnt so much and gained so many new ideas!


Even if I were to take away the points from a single week, it would be a game-changer.


Have particularly enjoyed the webinars and the recipe plans, along with the idea of having themes for each week."

Katherine from London who sent their testimonial


"A great experience on the transformation challenge from a very dedicated coach.


Lots of resources to dip into and coaching tips delivered.


Weekly webinar to keep it real and hear directly from Tom on how to put things into practice.


I've definitely learned some new things and have changed my habits for the better.


Feeling good and looking forward to continuing my new habits to change my future self."

Kim  from London who sent their testimonial


“I really liked having the weekly webinar with the screen sharing made what Tom was saying much clearer.


I found all the information really useful and the use of the Food app help with monitoring what I was eating. I really liked have challenges to do like the hydration and step count.


I didn't try all the recipes provided as having a family to feed the food wasn't to their liking! But, I did use a 'eat well for less' recipe book and for myself used the information learnt from Tom to help with portion size etc...


Tom was easy to understand and very approachable if needed.


My goal was to lose weight and it is slowly coming off I will continue using the skills I have learnt.


I would recommend this”. 

Patricia  from London who sent their testimonial


"I didn’t really know what to expect but thought I’d give it a go.


Personally, I wanted to get fitter & lose some weight and I did!

The programme is a slow burner and that’s the key.


Tom’s an excellent coach, very motivational delivering the programme in measured amounts each week so you don’t feel overwhelmed by all the information. It’s simple & easy to understand.


There’s a huge amount of resources available, delivered via the app and Toms weekly webinar is a fantastic way to check-in and share thoughts.

I felt quite emotional at the end as I really feel I’ve gained so much, it’s literally changed my life.


Thank you!"

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