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Immerse yourself in the ancient art of archery, where focus, precision, and teamwork converge.

This captivating activity will challenge your team while fostering communication, trust, and a competitive spirit. Get ready to aim for success and hit the bullseye!

Archery is a centuries-old sport that involves using a bow to shoot arrows at a target. It combines grace, skill, and mental acuity, captivating individuals throughout history.

Archery requires participants to develop focus, patience, and control, as they aim to strike the center of the target with pinpoint accuracy. It is a sport that transcends time and cultures, embodying discipline, concentration, and the pursuit of excellence.




Focus and Precision: Archery demands unwavering focus and precision. your team members will learn to tune out distractions, concentrate on their targets, and execute deliberate actions. This sharpened focus will enhance their ability to meet deadlines, make critical decisions, and maintain composure under pressure.

Collaboration and Communication: Archery provides an ideal platform for strengthening collaboration and communication within your team. Your team members will foster trust, improve their ability to coordinate efforts, and effectively communicate to achieve common goals.

Mental and Physical Wellness: It provides a meditative experience, allowing participants to quiet their minds, relieve stress, and find balance. Additionally, the physical aspect of drawing the bow, holding a steady posture, and executing controlled movements contribute to improved coordination, muscle strength, and overall well-being.

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Archery provide the perfect platform to showcase and develop archery skills. Participants will enhance their accuracy, precision, and timing as they take aim and release arrows to hit targets or opponents. The games offer an opportunity to refine shooting techniques, learn to judge distances and improve hand-eye coordination under pressure.


The primary objective of archery games is to outwit and outshoot the opposing team. Whether it's capturing the flag, eliminating opponents, or securing strategic positions, teamwork, strategy, and accurate shooting are crucial to achieving victory. The fast-paced nature of the games keeps participants on their toes, fostering quick decision-making and adaptability.

Our Archery Activity is designed to provide an engaging and memorable experience for your team. From beginners to experienced archers, everyone can participate and enjoy the excitement this sport offers.


Archery requires participants to develop focus, patience, and control, as they aim to strike the centre of the target with pinpoint accuracy.


During the archery activity, participants will learn the art of shooting arrows with precision and accuracy. Our knowledgeable instructors will guide your team through the fundamentals of archery, including proper technique, posture, and aiming. With their expertise and support, participants will quickly grasp the basics and progress to more challenging tasks.


Additionally, archery promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and improved body posture.


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Tom's a dedicated coach who loves nothing better than helping individuals and teams come together in order to learn more about themselves and grow.


As a former Royal Marines Commando with a combat tour of Afghanistan, Tom really knows what it takes to make a team work.


After the Royal Marines, Tom became a Hostile Environment Security Consultant working in countries surrounding the Indian Ocean and in Nigeria. Here he built and trained teams of multinationals in counter-piracy, security operations and safety. This continued the foundations from the Royal Marines and really developed his skill set where it was challenged to the maximum in hostile situations.


Since then, as well as building his team of teambuilding coaches, as a Teambuilding & Leadership consultant, Tom has helped hundreds of clients and teams develop through fitness and teambuilding activities including mountaineering adventuress as a qualified Mountain Leader.

Tom Frearson - Head Coach & Founder of Be Fearsome



If you're looking for an away day from the office then look no further.

Be it an urban experience in Central London, a day in one of the many parks & open spaces or a short trip just outside the city. The options are endless.

From our Game Of Codes Urban Challenge, Command Tasks & Team Challenges In Hyde Park, Orienteering at one of our bespoke venues just outside of London or climbing, abseiling & raft building, just ask - we have it.



If you're looking to escape the city for the day or an overnight glamping trip then we have some fantastic options just sixty minutes outside London.

From orienteering to raft building, command tasks to climbing and much more.



If you're looking for something a little further afield like a trip to Snowdonia and the Lakes, or you want to take your group on a teambuilding adventure or raise money for a charity then look no further.


With our fully qualified and experienced Mountain Leaders you're in the right place.

Successful Group of Happy Friends on Mou


If you're looking for a day event with no travel then we've got you covered.


Sure, Londons a busy place, but we have the perfect locations for your teambuilding event. 


Whether it's an urban orienteering exercise, group run or workout in Hyde Park, command tasks in a park or office location or a team challenge on Hampstead Heath; we have a range of options available. 

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If you need an event indoors or even in your own office, we have a range of activities from desktop puzzles and challenges to interactive and immersive command tasks typically hosted outdoors that take up very little space.

Being inside for a teambulding event doesn't need to be limited. By thinking outside the box makes your indoor team building event can be that little bit different.



So you like action-packed and adrenaline-fueled activities? Perfect.

We offer bespoke trips to include mountaineering, climbing, kayaking, mountain biking and whatever takes your fancy.

With our highly experienced mountain leaders and instructors will make it an experience you'll never forget.



From wild camping to 5-star spa hotels, we can meet your requirements and budget.

We've taken clients all over the UK for their special events so nothing is off the table.

It's your event, we can make it extra special with pretty much no option off limits.

Speak to us today to find out more.



From our team coming on-site at your rebooked venue for a two-hour part of your day to full-day events and from an all-inclusive overnight trip to a full-service event including guest speakers, transport and stash - we've got you covered.

We take your desired outcomes, location requirements, experience level request and budget into account to produce the event you deserve. Nothing is off limits to make your event that extra bit special.

Speak to us about your requirements today and let us start planning your event together. 

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