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All classes are 60 minutes long and for all ability levels - we pride ourselves on inclusivity.


We have a maximum ratio of 20:1 and ask all members to respect other peoples space and follow social distancing if requested.


We have six class types:

Be Fearsome Fit is our signature Bootcamp class. Learn more here.

Be Functional is our unique kit based circuits class using Kettlebells and Dumbbells. Learn more here.

Be Mobile is a low impact functional movement-based class. Learn more here.

Be Strong is our Strength & Conditioning class. Learn more here

Be Conditioned is our Boxing & circuits class using Kettlebells & Dumbells. Learn more here.

Fearsome Running is our Run Club. Learn more here.

Points to note


  1. Please book in advance (7 days) as spaces are limited.

  2. This class is outside so please come wearing appropriate sports clothing and footwear.

  3. Please bring your own water.

  4. You will be able to keep your belongings within your space or in our secure van.


Be Fearsome Fit is our signature outdoor bootcamp. This class is for all ability levels where we tailor it to suit your fitness level. We can guarantee that you'll feel challenged but within your comfort zone. And never left behind.

Designed by ex-military trainers with literally thousands of classes under their belts, you're in for a genuine bootcamp experience where you will get fit while having fun.



Be Functional is our functional fitness class that involves Kettlebells and Dumbells. You have your own kit for the whole session.

Led by expert trainers with literally thousands of classes under their belts, we use High-Intensity Interval Training with an added spin of High-Intensity Resistance Training (HIIT-HIRT). We guarantee it will HIRT, in a good way!


Be Strong is our Strength and Conditioning class where we take advantage of our unique mobile gyms to deliver an experience like no other in Central London parks.

Led by expert trainers with literally thousands of classes under their belts, we use our mobile gym with an impressive range of equipment to deliver a traditional strength class in a gym to the great outdoors. 



Be Mobile is a functional movement-based class aimed at people carrying injuries, in rehab and recovery or that require a slower-paced yet challenging class. Whether you're recovering from an injury, returning to fitness after pregnancy or that little bit older and still love outdoor exercise but require a slower-paced class based on your abilities; this class is for you.

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Be Conditioned is our Combat Conditioning class that includes Boxercise (BOX) mixed with Kettlebells and Dumbells (HIRT - High-Intensity Resistance Training) for an all-around exhilarating workout.

Be Fearsome Fit - Bootcamp_Moment.jpg


Fearsome Running is our expert run coach led session where you will learn how to be more efficient, faster and stronger as a runner.


From getting into running to seasoned athletes, this session will help you develop your skills in a safe and controlled environment with likeminded runners.

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