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I’ve been passionate about TV and media since I was very small, and after finishing my Law degree jumped straight into my first TV role as a live kids tv producer and director at Sky/Viacom helping to launch Nickelodeon in the UK. Since then, I’ve had senior leadership roles working for some of the biggest media brands in the world, including 13 years running programming and production for Disney Channel’s across UK and Europe, winning a Bafta, launching numerous TV networks and building successful production companies in the UK over 25 years. I’m also a serving Officer of the British Army, commissioning out of Sandhurst in 2018, and what time I have left I’m a massive movie fan and gamer, theatre-goer and foodie. But, I like nothing more than getting outdoors to hike and climb whenever I can (with plenty of work needed on the latter!) and trying to learn the basics of jiu-jitsu without getting injured!

We asked Jonathan a few questions

1. What do you love most about being a teambuilding coach?

There is simply nothing better seeing someone, who may initially be struggling in their professional day to day career, working in partnership with you as a coach to understand how they can develop new learning, insight, and practical lessons to bring about change in both their professional and personal lives, and putting those learnings into practice. Sometimes it only takes a few “tweaks” to unlock their potential. Other times it’s a longer process, with plenty of up’s and downs until you see that moment, that inner confidence take hold that makes the hard work worth it. Seeing someone come into their own, growing professionally and personally to be successful in whatever they choose to do, is an amazing feeling.

2. How do you keep your clients motivated?

By recognising that everyone is different. There is no single way to achieve your goals, and there is no right or wrong as to what success is. If you listen to you client, build a strong bond, and really listen to what they want to achieve, it is much easier to create a lasting plan that will deliver long term success for them, and enjoyment along the way.

3. Why work with Be Fearsome?

3. Why work with Be Fearsome?

I've known Tom for many years, having connected through his time at British Military Fitness, witnessing first hand his passion to bring his wide-ranging fitness and coaching skills, with his unique background to life, and supporting the launch of Be Fearsome. Despite our different professional backgrounds, I share Tom’s passion to bring unique coaching and training experiences to people whatever their backgrounds, and look forward to working with Be Fearsome to inspire and motivate the whole of the UK to achieve their goals!

4. Tell us a little about your experience in corporate teambuilding

I’ve been building, coaching and mentoring high-performance teams for most of my career, with 25 years of senior leadership roles in some of the biggest media companies in the world. It’s been a continuing passion of mine to work with people where ever they are on the career path, in order to develop their key skill sets that will enable them to thrive in complex corporate environments. Some key specialisms include developing high-performance teams and leadership skills, mentoring and coaching against key business targets, and developing individually tailored performance training plans and team-building strategies.

4. What qualifications or relevant accreditation/experience do you have?

Over 25 years experience in the media corporate world, building and managing highly successful corporate teams has given me hands-on experience on how to motivate and inspire as a leader a huge variety of business professionals to achieve their goals, deliver success to their employers and achieve a strong work/life balance and mental wellbeing to achieve in all areas of their life. More recently, I also coach and mentor in schools across London 15/16-year-olds to build their social skills and develop their interviewing skills to ready them for employment opportunities post GCSE's. I have been professionally trained across leadership, coaching and mentoring disciplines during my career and most recently as The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and use those skills and experiences to not only help others but develop my leadership and managerial skills on a daily basis. You never stop learning from others.

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