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Tom aged 19 before finding his passion for fitness
Tom in 2016 before an Ironman race


Before I start I want to stress the reason for this introduction, which is two-fold:


Firstly, to provide you with a little insight into my own journey, why I understand the day to day struggles and how I’ve maintained my fitness levels.


Secondly, to outline my thought process and stress one HUGE fundamental point; this is about lifestyle change, education and discovery with balance. It’s NOT ‘fad diets’ or a ‘quick fix’. I took this on board years ago, and I’ve never looked back.



So, where do we start?


The photographs here are of me. Firstly at 19 during university (I’m on the left) secondly in 2016 just before an Ironman competition.


I'm naturally bigger and can put on size (both muscle and fat) quickly but struggle to maintain my weight and body fat. I was active as a child but in my late teens, I let this slip and became very inactive and my weight reached about 16 stone.



What changed?



A silly story but one I remember being the initial catalyst for change. One day I was in a local pub and during a conversation in a group and I said, "yeah, I love a good takeaway" and one of the group turned around, looked me up and down and said "ha really? We can tell".


This comment, although not malicious as such, cut deep. I went home and looked at myself, not just physically but also my lifestyle and I was disgusted with how I was treating myself. It was at this point I vowed to change my lifestyle, become fit and healthy and I decided to join the Royal Marines Commandoes. But I wanted it for me, not anyone else and this was, hands down, the best decision I’ve ever made.


I’ve learnt it’s all about balance and keeping a good balance is key to success.


I love my 'treats' and enjoy a drink just as much as the next person. However, I balance this out by living a healthy lifestyle and that’s how I manage to maintain my weight and fitness while living the life I love.


I’m your typical everyday person who lives the typical life.  But I’ve chosen to live this way with balance.


This has allowed me to achieve numerous fitness goals and milestones, such as Royal Marines Commando; Fitness Professional; Personal Trainer; Triathlon Coach; Mountain Leader, Climber and complete multiple Ironman races.


I never thought these goals were possible, and let’s be honest, while I had let myself slip to 16 stone, they were only dream.  But after taking on board a lifestyle change, it made it possible to achieve these goals.


I did it for me, I chose to change and I can’t stress enough that it is all about balance!


I hope this provides an understanding of my journey and how I’ve possibly walked in the same shoes as you, that I understand the journey ahead of you whether that be about trying to lose and/or maintain weight, get super fit or about adopting a balanced lifestyle.


I truly hope this will help you start your own journey and achieve your goals.


Thanks for reading, Tom.

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