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Consistency Trumps Grand Gestures

When it comes to health and wellbeing, in fact when it comes to pretty much everything in life, consistency trumps grand gestures every time.

Grand gestures usually come from passion or enthusiasm in the moment or after a particular event. In this case, the New Year's Resolution…

Passion and enthusiasm are great and usually get you started in a change or new venture. Be it health, personal life or business/work. And we need them. But, often they soon run out and we’re left with, well, nothing…

The main concept in Angela Duckworth's book ‘Grit - The Power Of Passion & Perseverance’ is literally in the title. There’s many concepts in the book but the main theme is basically that passion is great (and essential for achievement) but without perseverance (consistency) then achievement never prevails.

Similar to Matthew Syed’s book ‘Bounce - The Myth Of Talent and Power Of Practice’. Practice, or repetition, is the key to success.

Writing this, I’m sitting in the office I use in Paddington. It’s a shared working space and I really like the buzz. I also like the variety of people here. It’s refreshing.

One thing about shared working spaces, you often can’t help overhear some conversations. And there’s some good ones I can tell you. There’s a whole blog opportunity right there!

On Monday, I couldn't help hearing a guy talking to a colleague, they were talking quite loudly right in the kitchen area.

He was talking about how he has his nutrition plan for the new year and how he is meal prepping every day, eating clean for XYZ goal and is being really strict about it, especially when at work in the week. Also explaining what was good and giving speaking with some authority on the subject. Great I thought, positive action right there. A little preachy but he sounds informed and is making a change for the better.

Today, it just caught my eye that he bought a Deliveroo of fried food and sugary drinks. What caught my eye is that he did it in a way to try and hide it and eat it away from the usual eating area he was at on Monday.

And then he went back to walking around with his protein shaker for a good display…

Now I’m not saying the odd takeaway or sugary drink is bad. I certainly like mine and always adopt and instill in clients an 80/20 principle. And, perhaps today was his 20% off and for that I applaud him.

Also, I must stress that this isn’t about the individual or their actions/comments. It is seriously not my business what anyone eats, drinks or does. I would have never noticed, or paid any attention if I hadn’t overheard the kinda preachy idealistic conversation on Monday (and if he wasn’t acting shady trying to hide the ‘contraband’).

And contrary to popular belief, as a Health Coach I don’t go to parties and judge what everyone is eating (people always comment oh I shouldn't eat this in front of you, you’ll think I’m bad). Trust me, we don’t care. And we LOVE the 20% foods ourselves.

This instance was just the catalyst to write this as I’ve seen it time and time again this year already (it’s the 11th of January right now) and I see it all the time. I’m also guilty of it myself from time to time. I also found it funny how much can change in a few days (for all of us!).

If you’re making a change this year. Or any time in your life. My advice to you is don’t burn out too early with grand gestures.

Find a process that works and make small changes that are sustainable. Think about consistency and longevity, not quick wins.

Adopt an 80/20 principle to give yourself some downtime!

Also, don’t be preachy or idealistic to others about your journey and choices. It’s likely to come and bite you in the bum.

And remember, as Benjamin Franklin said; ‘Better well done than well said!’.


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