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Harry's Heroes TV show - an insight into the realities of keeping fit as we age!

This new TV show is certainly packed with some characters, who were, in their prime, at the top of their game on the world stage. But does being in your 40's mean you're over the hill? Do we need to just accept that as we reach a certain age we can't do it anymore? Surely if these pros have decided to relax and let age and lifestyle take control there's no chance for 'the normal person'! I for one, certainly believe this is not the case. 

We offer a wide range of services, one of which is Personal Training. Lot's of our clients are over 40, in fact, I'd say the majority. Sure, we have those conversations where "oh it's not as easy as it used to be Tom" and "back in the day I used to...". Not only does our body change with age, even from 20-30, but our lifestyle does too. More commitments, less time, more disposable income and less need to stay fit for the game of football at the weekend.

The biggest challenge is usually choosing a goal and something to focus on. For these retired footballers it wasn't just being able to look better and fit into a football shirt, it was performance related fitness and condition. For that, you need professional help.

Here are a few tips my clients will be very used to hearing:

1. Pick a goal and make it realistic - pick something unattainable and you'll be demotivated fast.

2. Train smarter - time is short and you don't want to waste a minute. This is especially important to our Triathlon Coaching and Ironman training clients.

3. Think about any injuries and work around them - just like these ex-pro footballers our niggles from the younger years soon become more of an issue later in life.

4. Plan and prepare - when lives busy if you don't pre-plan training and nutrition you're likely to fail!

5. Ask a professional to help - everyone is different and each client needs a different approach. Our highly experienced team all have their own expert areas and we're certain we can help you.

Whether you're looking for inspiration, personal training, corporate teambuilding or to train for a triathlon with a triathlon training plan, we can help you every step of the way.

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