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In this fast-paced challenge, the aim is to move the golf balls through different lengths of guttering with holes in the most frustrating places.

It involves whole team co-operation with many skills being utilised and reinforced at once. 

Focus: Planning, Leadership & Resilience

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The team are allocated a leader who is shown a shape to create. They must then arrange the team' who are holding a looped rope, into the designated shape using verbal commands only.

At first, we start off with everyone being able to see where they are and the shape as it begins to 'take shape'. 


Then we blindfold all but the leader and the task becomes about effective communication in the best possible way. 


Focus: Trust, Listening & Communications 



Bomb Disposal is one of our favourites!


The team arrive to see a 'mined' area marked out with a 'bomb' in a bucket in the middle. Their task is to remove the bucket and bomb using only the equipment given.


We then spice things up by getting them to remove the bomb from the bucket without touching the bucket - this is where creative thinking really comes in. 


NOTE: No real bombs are used in this exercise!

Focus: Thinking, Listening & Planning.



With one of the team being the shepherd, their job is to move the 'sheep' (the rest of the team) into the pen. While they're all blindfolded and spread out over the area...

At first, they do this with verbal instructions. But then we give them a whistle and the team must devise a code of blasts to achieve the goal.

Focus: Communicating, Listening & Planning.

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Spiders web calls for a little more physical activity but there's something for everyone.

The aim is for a member of the team to go through each of the holes in the web.

Some are on the ground and can be crawled through, some can be stepped through and under. But, some need the team to work together to pass members through safely.

Focus: Planning, Communication & Working Together.



Walkers involve ultimate team cooperation and communication.

Think of the three-legged race from schools sports day but with a twist - there are up to 4 of you!

An activity that's much harder than you imagine soon gets people working together.

Focus: Resilience, Coordination & Leadership.



Tangrams are a Chinese puzzle made up of 7 shapes. 

The team are set a challenge of making as many shapes from the silhouette card as possible in the given time.

This one is a real brain teaser and goes well with the right-brained team members. 

Focus: Planning, Communication, Thinking & Working Together.

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With up to 50 numbered cards on the floor, the team need to find the fastest way to touch the cards, in order, without stepping out of sequence.

We put the pressure on by creating a large square that only one person can be in at a time. 

Focus: Planning, Teamwork, Coordination, Sense of Urgency.



Sky tower is a nerve-racking challenge of speed, careful coordination and communication. 

Using the 'crane' attached to 12 ropes, the team need to collect the tower pieces from around the area and then assemble them to make a tower.

It's very unstable and takes real patience to crack this one. 

Focus: Communication, Cooperation, Reviewing and Reflection.



Project Build involves the team building the highest tower possible from spaghetti, tape and rope. They must also position a marshmallow on top - hint: it's heavier than it looks!

This simple challenge is one of the best for teams of all sizes, backgrounds and ages. 

Focus: Planning, Communication, Cooperation, Creative Thinking.



Hole tarp is a tense challenge where the participants must work together in order to stop the balls from falling through the holes.

We mix things up by adding more balls and challenges as the team develops skill and coordination.

Focus: Communication, Cooperation, Problem-solving Reviewing & Reflection.

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