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Tom Frearson, Head Coach of Be Fearsome


Tom founded Be Fearsome in 2016 after working in the fitness industry for over 5 years with one main goal; to get more people, more active, more often whilst making a positive impact on the local community.

He spent 3 years running the UK's largest bootcamp in central London, with over 1000 clients and a team of 25 instructors. Here he helped literally 1000's of people achieve their goals, from complete beginner to advanced athletes.

Since founding Be Fearsome, Tom has grown the team to 20 trainers and coaches allowing Be Fearsome to extend its scope to cover a wide range of services by the team of experts.

When not running the business, Tom specialises in Transformational Wellness Coaching and helps ambitious professionals to achieve the best shape of their lives, without sacrificing their precious family time. He also splits his time between Personal Training, Group Exercise Classes, Coaching Endurance Sports Athletes and Corporate Teambuilding.

He is also very active in the local community with charity outreach projects and recently did 1000 burpees in one go to raise money to buy clothing for the homeless.

He has coached first-time triathletes to their first Ironman and elite GB age groupers.

Previously, Tom was in the Royal Marines Commandos and is an Afghanistan veteran. Here, he found his passion for fitness and learned the 'Fearsome' mindset - the foundation of Be Fearsome.

Tom regularly takes part in triathlon races and has completed multiple Ironman events including Ironman Mallorca and Ironman Barcelona. Outside of triathlon, he's a keen climber, mountaineer, and kayaker.

Tom brings a wealth of experience in helping a wide variety of people to achieve their goals and uses this to tailor programmes to suit the individual every time. With his background, knowledge, qualifications, and passion, you can be assured you're in good hands.

What does Being Fearsome mean? Well, it's a mindset. Being Fearsome is not being afraid of the 'what if's', 'oh but I can't' or letting anything stand in your way. Overcoming any fears or apprehensions regarding fitness or life. At Be Fearsome we believe anything is possible with the right knowledge, tools, and attitude.


  • Transformational Wellness Coaching

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Functional Fitness

  • Triathlon & Endurance Sports

  • Nutrition & Weight Loss

  • Corporate Teambuilding


  • Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor

  • Nutrition Coach

  • British Triathlon Coach

  • IRONMAN Official Coach

  • TRX Instructor

  • Kettlebells Instructor

  • BoxFit Instructor

  • Mountain Leader

  • Mental Health First Aid Instructor

  • First Aid At Work

Tom Frearson after taking care of his health and wellness. Now photos with Team Be Fearsome.


It wasn't always this way for Tom. His journey in Health and Fitness started rough and took a complete U-Turn at the age of 20. Here's a little bit from him...

'I went through a HUGE change some 16 years ago... These pictures are of me at university, aged around 20. Completely unfit and very overweight. I had a bad relationship with food, exercise and my lifestyle had no structure. I was the fat, non-sporty kid that people picked on and laughed at.

Joining the Royal Marines, completing Ironman's and climbing mountains was a distant dream... if even that. The idea of training and teaching others how to do it wasn't even a twinkle in my eye. How could I? I'd be a complete hypocrite. Plus, no one would listen!

I found a way to change my lifestyle by changing my mindset. I learnt and understood nutrition and exercise - the truth, not myths!

I wasn't an expert then. This was way before I got into coaching. But, I learnt what I needed to know for me. What worked and didn't. I applied growth mindset techniques and habit change to not just lose the weight and get fit. But to change the next decade, and beyond, of my life.

Why am I sharing this? Because some people will be looking at the services we offer and one of my main focuses in Transformational Coaching of 'helping ambitious professionals achieve the best shape of their lives without impacting on their precious personal and family time' and thinking 'that's not for me, I already understand these things'. Or, 'I am who I am, nothing in this programme will help me'...

Trust me, if it's just one thing that you can change, a small habit, applying growth mindset or just one small tip from the hundreds we have. Then you've risen to the challenge and succeeded. If we coach you, you can change them all.'

If you want to hear the full story then hit the link below.

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