With our teambuilding days, we really do offer a bespoke package to suit your requirements. It could be orienteering on Hampstead Heath, a treasure hunt in the city or command tasks delivered at your own location. 

Or, you could escape the city to one of our bespoke out of town locations within an hour of central London.

We will give you some options and help you decide what's best, but ultimately we will tailor your experience around what you're looking to achieve, the needs of your team and desired location.




All of our events are different in some way. That's simply because all of the companies we work with are different too. We listen to your team dynamic and desired outcomes to provide the best possible solution for your teambuilding experience.

There's no 'typical day' but for some inspiration here's an example:


0900hrs - Meet on-site (Central London, your office or at one of our bespoke out of town locations).


1030hrs - Following a briefing and introduction, we move into phase one of the day for three hours. This could be Orienteering, where we teach your team's basic navigation and set them a team challenge.

1230hrs - Lunch is then be arranged (by us or you depending on location and the package you choose) where we review the morning's achievements.


1300hrs - We then move onto phase two for a further three hours. This could be command tasks where we give your teams tasks that require a range of skills such as planning, cooperation and leadership.


1600hrs - We finish with a debrief and refreshments and if you chose one of our locations with a restaurant/pub you have the option to stay on and use the venue.


Half-day options allow you to choose either phase one or two.

Traveler woman holding a compass and poi


Here at Be Fearsome, we offer a truly unique experience, provided by highly experienced and dedicated ex-military, mountain leaders and fitness coaches.


We have the right team of carefully selected professionals to help your team get the most from our training.


We know that every team is looking for their own unique experience based on the current team dynamic, the nature of their business and the desired outcomes. 


We've compiled some optional packages to give you some inspiration, however, we always tailor our events to suit you.


Our packages include a mix of command tasks and problem-solving, orienteering and survival training, plus outdoor pursuits such as raft building, climbing, mountaineering to name a few.




We split your team into groups pre-determined by your requirements based on their strengths and limiters. In order to do this effectively, a ’desired outcome’ will be established by you and our specialists.

Our command tasks are designed to test the teams both mentally and physically in such a way that all members have a specific role and the tasks can’t be completed without complete participation.

Activities foster: Thinking, Planning, Listening, Communication, Leadership, Trust, Co-ordination, Sense of urgency and Resilience.



The teams will be presented with a tutorial on basic map reading skills.


They will then use these skills, as a team, to determine the appropriate approach to the challenge.

Collecting points over a wide area within a set timeframe, the team will be challenged with new skills, group management, and task prioritisation.

Activities foster: Thinking, Applying new skills Planning, Communication, Leadership, Sense of urgency and Resilience.

Orienteering is a family of sports requi


If you’re looking for something a little different, we can arrange for a range of both military and civilian survival lessons for your team. From the basic’s of survival to the commando tactics deployed by our very own team during their careers, we have you covered.

Activities foster: Planning, Leadership, Trust, Sense of urgency and Resilience.



Raft building is a fantastic fun way to work as a team. From a team challenge to trying to stay dry, your teams will be taught new skills that they must apply quickly and effectively.

Activities foster: Thinking, Applying new skills, Planning, Communication, Leadership, Sense of urgency and Resilience.



If you’re looking for something a little more adrenaline fuelled then look no further. We’re able to offer a mix of roped activities such as climbing, abseiling and high ropes. A real test of character.

Activities foster: Thinking, Trust, Unity, Communication, Leadership, Sense of urgency and Resilience.
Availability: City escape 2 (one or two day) or bespoke venue.